Q: What kind of team/company is more likely to become a developer and submit games or programs?

A: We welcome all kinds of game developing teams to join us on this platform no matter how big a team is or where they come from. As long as they are passionate, creative and genuinely love video games, anyone is encouraged to participate.

Q: What are the advantages if a developer decides to publish a game on your platform?

A: Every month, more than 30 million players would download and play games on our platform. Over 1 million copies of Don't Starve Together were sold just in the first month. At the same time, the supports and resources we provide for developers include SDK integration (gamer networks, cloud saves etc.), exclusive localization, precise promotion, as well as official contests.

Q: What material will be submitted during developer registration?

A: If you are a company, please provide the basic info both of a contact and of the company. More than that, recently renewed business license is also required.

Q: From the developer registration to the point when a game is published, what is the whole process like?

A: There are mainly 5 sections: register to become a developer, submit a game, integrate SDK into the game, publish the game and operate continuously. During the last three sections, when a game passes review, a developer will be approached by a team from the platform, who will provide guidance and other supports.

Q: What type of game is more likely to be published on your platform? My game is a niche one? Will it be chosen to publish?

A: Game type or genre is irrelevant. As long as a game is of high quality and gameplay is intriguing, there is a good chance that game is chosen by us. It is noteworthy that the game submitted will not be found affront to the laws and policies of China, nor should it violate the intellectual property rights of another individual or company.

Q: What are the requirements and rules for a game that is to be submitted?

A: The game should be a PC game. You can submit a game in any stage of development, which include the stage of concept and design. If the game is not in the stage of concept and design, instead in demo stage or Alpha stage for example, then gameplay videos and demos are required. The whole game pack is not needed at this point.

Q: After a game is submitted for review, can I update the screenshots, videos and/or demos?

A: Affirmative. You can recall and reedit the material before resubmit them.

Q: Is there a language requirement as to the submitted programs?

A: At this moment only two languages are supported: Chinese and English.

Q: Can multiple games be submitted at the same time?

A: At this moment, you can only submit one game.

Q: Will you have review criteria?

A: We have a team who specializes in game-review. Games submitted will be reviewed from varied perspectives before a conclusion is drawn.

Q: Normally how long would it take to review a game? And in what way will the results reach us?

A: Generally it would take 10 workdays. We will email the results to you once the review is finished.

Q: If our game is selected by you, will there be a pending business contract?

A: If your game is selected, you are going to be approached by a member of our staff to discuss the possibility of cooperation and the means of that. Signing a business contract is totally optional.

Q: Will the revenue be shared between us? If so, what is the ratio?

A: For every game published on this platform, we are going to receive a portion of the revenue. Generally speaking, the ratio is acceptable to both sides and precise split will vary according to the different forms of cooperation.

Q: Is a developer faced with some fee when registering as developer and submitting games?

A: Everything is free. When a game has passed review, the developer will be approached by a team from this platform. Various resources and supports are going to be provided to ensure a smooth launch on our platform.

Q: During the whole process, will the intellectual property go to Tencent? 

A: The intellectual property belongs to the developer from the beginning to the end. The ownership will not shift because the game is submitted on our platform.

Q: If I have any other questions, how could I get help or have the questions answered?

A: In case assistance is needed, you could contact us at any time via email. The email address is developer@wegame.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible. More means of communication are going to be available later and you will be informed in a timely manner.