WeGame General FAQ for Developers

Q: What's the whole process for publishing a game on WeGame?

A: The whole process includes 5 stages as listed below:

1. Register as a WeGame developer.

2. Submit information about your game.

3. Integrate WeGame RAIL SDK.

4. Publish the game and start selling your game.

5. Update the game according to feedback, communicate with the game community and continue to promote the game.

Registration as a developer

Q: Is a company required for the registration? Are there any requirements about the size of the company?

A: Usually, we only accept titles from a company rather than an individule. If you are not a Chinese publisher, you will need to work with a local Chinese publisher to get GAPP approval from the government before your title is released.

Q: What info is needed during the account registration?

A: You will need to fill the description about your company. A valid registration certificate is needed.

Q: What is the cost for developer registration and game information submission?

A: There is no cost to register your company as a developer. And there is no cost to submit information of your games.

Q: What kind of mail addresses are recommended?

A: It is recommended that long-term company mail addresses are used. Mails with .edu are usually student accounts and are not recommended. Student mail addresses may stop working after graduation.

Q: Other than my registered developer account, can I add other team members to manage the games?

A: Yes. Member management is supported. You can grant access for each member of your team. First they will need to register a WeGame developer account at https://developer.wegame.com/register

Q: Will we sign the contract for game distribution during the account registration?

A: You will be contacted after you submit game info. The contract for game distribution on WeGame is not signed during the developer account registration.

Game information submission

Q: What kind of games can be selected to publish on WeGame? My game may not have a lot of players. Will it pass WeGame's review?

A: There is no limitation to the type of the game. And, the gameplay can be local only, online or both. As long as the game is fun to play, we would like to discuss with you about bringing it onto WeGame. The game must comply with China's laws and need to pass China's government reviews before it is available on WeGame. And, there should be no IP infringement in the game.

Q: Is there any guidance about the game information submission?

A: You can submit game info once you have a demo. It is recommended to include screenshots, game footages and/or trailers for us to better understand your game.

Q: Can we update the game information submitted before it passes review?

A: Yes. You can edit and submit again.

Q: What language should be used to submit game information?

A: Only two languages are supported at the moment, English and Chinese.

Q: How the games are reviewed after the game info is submitted?

A: We have a team to evaluate the games from all aspects including gameplay, art style etc. More information about your game will certainly help the review.

Q: How long does it take to get the review result? And how will WeGame contact me?

A: On average it takes about 10 business days. The result will be sent to developers by email.

Q: If the game information passes review, do I have to sign a contract of the game?

A: If the season passes review, a business specialist will contact you to discuss the process for contract signing. You can sign the contract only if you agree to the terms.

Q: Does WeGame accept VR game submissions?

A: No.

Q: My game contains violent content. Will it pass the review?

A: As long the game can be modified to get the required approvals from the government, we can still publish it on WeGame.

Q: If the game has already published on other PC or console platforms, can we still publish it on WeGame?

A: That is not a blocker if no exclusive contract was signed with other platforms. We would like to work with you to make the game available to more players on WeGame.

Q: Can one developer submit multiple games?

A: Yes.

SDK integration and development work

Q: What are the steps to integrate WeGame SDK?

A: WeGame SDK is also called Rail SDK. After your season passes review, please login to developer portal and check the below document for an introduction for the integration of achievements, leaderboards and cloud save etc.. https://developer.wegame.com/developer/game-wiki/help/doc/getting-started-overview/

Q: What software and hardware is needed to integrate WeGame APIs?

A: For hardware, just a normal PC that can run your game is enough. It is no different from other PCs for game development purpose. As for software, you will need to download a developer edition of WeGame client. After login to https://developer.wegame.com , please download the Rail SDK which includes the client.

Q: If the game supports online gameplay, do we have to use Tencent cloud service?

A: Tencent cloud successfully helps some games to achieve better gaming experience. But it is not a requirement for developers to adopt Tencent cloud service. Developers can use their own standalone servers or other cloud service providers.

Q: What anti-piracy options do we have on WeGame?

A: WeGame supports a few kinds of anti-piracy solutions including the default WeGame protection, WuKong protection and Denuvo protection. WuKong is a technology developed by Tencent. If you would like to use other anti-piracy solutions, please contact WeGame for a discussion.

Q: What programming languages are supported for the WeGame SDK integration?

A: For now only C++ and C# are supported. If you need support for other programming languages, you will need to wrap the C++ library.

Publish the game and operations afterwards

Q: For games to be released in mainland China, what approvals from government are required?

A: There is no game content rating system that applies in China. A title must get GAPP approval from the government before it is released.

Q: How about games' sales volume on WeGame?

A: Every month about 80 million players download and play games on WeGame. It is a great opportunity for every game released on the platform. Don't Starve Together sold more than 1 million copies during the first month. Quite a few other games also did pretty well.

Q: Will WeGame share the revenue? How much is the WeGame platform fee?

A: Usually WeGame will share the revenue according to industry standards. The terms and details about revenue share will be made explicit in the contract.

Q: Will the game's IP change and become Tencent's if the game starts to sell on WeGame?

A: No. The IP still belongs to its original owner as before.

Other questions

Q: My questions are not listed above. Who can I contact for answer?

A: If you have any questions about development on WeGame, please feel free to contact us with developer@wegame.com. We may support other channels for communication in the future.